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Our E-Learning Portal allows students to take select courses at the convenience of their own home and schedule. All courses are self-paced and offer an excellent combination of theory and practical techniques to ensure effective comprehension of course modules. Please review our frequently asked questions for more information on how online training can help you succeed in your educational goals.

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FAQ (E-Learning Portal Info):
  • How do I register my Account?
    Complete the Registration form on this page and your Account will be active immediately.

  • How do I login to the E-Learning Portal?
    Once your account is active, you can login through our [home page].

  • Can I take the course at my own Pace?
    Yes. One of the key benefits of taking our online course is that the schedule is completely flexible. You have unlimited access to all course modules in High Resolution Audio and Video. Each course is accompanied by Assignments to help you develop the techniques you have learned. There is also a description available that lists the contents which will be covered in that module.

  • Does it matter where I am Located?
    No. The course can be taken from anywhere with an active internet connection.

  • How long do I have to complete the Course?
    You have unlimited access for one year. The course should be completed within this time frame.

  • How are the Online Modules Structured?
    All courses begin by covering the beginner level concepts and transition into intermediate / advanced level topics. This is to ensure students have a solid foundation before moving forward in the course modules. Each course covers exactly what is detailed in the course outline.

  • Am I able to pause, fast forward and rewind the training videos when viewing them online?
    Yes. Students can easily navigate to any topic in the training by selecting a particular clip in the interface. Controls are provided for pause and fast forward or reverse. In addition, as the clip is downloaded it becomes possible to move forward or backward through the clip as desired by selecting a point on the progress bar.

  • Am I able to jump between different video tutorials easily?
    Yes. It is a simple process to select which lesson you want to watch. The training interface provides you with a list of tutorials to choose from and you can even select a topic within a specific tutorial.

  • Is your Photoshop course compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements?
    Adobe Photoshop Elements is limited in functionality when compared to Adobe Photoshop CS 3 and above. We provide a download link to a full 30 day evaluation version of any software we teach. We suggest downloading the appropriate software and then transferring your skills over to a more simplistic software such as Elements.

  • Do your online courses cover all the modules listed in the Course Outline?
    Yes. Our courses cover all the modules listed on our course outline, and in the same order.

  • How do I add courses to my Account?
    If you already have an existing account, you can submit an email request to add a new course to your account. We must receive receipt of payment prior to making this amendment.

  • Do I have to buy the Software to take your course?
    No. It is not required that you purchase the software to take our course(s). We provide a link to a 30 day trial version of any software that we teach. The downloads are safe and secure, as they are directly through the official Adobe / Microsoft Website.

  • Are your courses Compatible with MAC & PC?
    Yes. All our courses are compatible with MAC & PC.

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